Spoilers & Plot Secrets for Season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers reveal details about a major character death and fall of Alexandria – we fear this relates to introduction of evil Negan!

Ah, Alexandria, thy flowing … acres of… grass… and trees, and stuff. Okay, so it might not be paradise, but at any rate, Alexandria is certainly a fair shake better than living in an old prison, subject to the torment of the Governor and his devout followers in Woodbury, –not to mention a damn sight better than living in Terminus, where people are just crazy as all hell. Alexandria has its fair share of problems, and most of those are just in dealing with its residents, and a certain amount of backbiting, gossipy elitists… but it’s better than the alternative, which is wandering around, avoiding herds.

A lot of rumors revolve around the likelihood that the plot of season 6 will follow the comics series, and that Alexandria is scheduled to receive some seriously unwelcome, undead visitors. And on top of that, Negan, the villain in the comics, might make his appearance as well, –as he is supposed to once the group is in Alexandria. The show doesn’t always follow the comic series, but if Negan appears and certain events are similar, than the death of a major character is coming, –fans are on the fence though, –because in the comics (spoiler alert!) Negan kills Glenn, but fans are saying he’s going to kill Daryl instead. I’m voting Glenn… Daryl’s death is like… the end of the show for me. He’s too awesome. And useful. Who do you think it will be if Negan shows up? Daryl or Glenn?