So Which Zombie-Pocalypse Game is Your Favorite?

Stubbs the Zombie vs dead rising 1 & 2 vs undead nightmare vs dead island vs the last of us vs nazi zombies

Stubbs the Zombie is so old, that it’s hard to get into it, same with the first in the Dead Rising franchise, –but I love the zombie character of Stubbs as well as the process of going about the world, infecting people and converting them. Though one of the coolest features of Dead Rising, is that you can kill a zombie, or at least hit one, with like anything. Then there’s the Undead Nightmare from Red Dead Redemption. My ex had it, but I never got the chance to play. Boo.


Personally, I think the game would have been better if it had just been all like this. I wasn’t that thrilled with The Last of Us, maybe because there just wasn’t more of a sandbox aspect to it: so much of the game felt like being pushed through a maze, with very little option to explore or enjoy the surroundings or graphics. Dead Rising 2 had much cleaner graphics, and my personal favorite: Dead Island. LOVE the Dead Island franchise, will totally be playing it until they stop making it. Adding another option to this list: The Walking Dead games. Which ones are your faves? Do you like gambling games? if your answer is yes check the info at