Sleep Like The Dead: Zombie Bedding

“Never Sleep Alone, It’s Alive! Bedding…”

I think at this point in my life, I’m probably way too old for zombie sheets… but… then again, I am a huge fan of zombies…and I love … LOVE the blood splatter pillow cases. The store is still pretty new, and the sheets come in two different designs; grayscale and a slightly warmer shade. There’s also a comforter/duvet available… so if you just want the large bedcover, and not just the sheet set, you can keep your regular sheets, and throw the zombie duvet on top.

More products will hopefully be added soon; there’s a home decor section, and all they have right now is a placemat, which, don’t get me wrong, is definitely pretty neat, but in the meantime, hopefully they’re still designing other products. The last category is zombie gear, which has a ton of zombie totes, zombies shirts, –for guys or girls, and even a zombie apron, for when you’re cooking up some brains in your kitchen, and preparing a cannibalistic feast for your whole family!