Should We Believe All This Negativity on ‘Dying Light’?

Dying Light could’ve been a classic zombie game, but it’s let down by a pretty bland story and mission structure.

I keep hearing all this negativity about Dying Light but these guys must be really seasoned, or incredibly critical; and so I asked my ex-husband, who can be relied upon to have every big game right on time for the rest of the world of Internet to state its opinion, and he seems to think the game was challenging, definitely a bit harder than the standard fare, but not impossible, and not at all the flat-flip-floppy game that so many people think it is.

At first, I was willing to jump on board, because I don’t like a lot of running and jumping around, and Assassin’s Creed makes me wanna barf from motion sickness. But now this guy’s saying he thought Dead Island was stupid. Whoa, whoa, slow down cowboy. I love Dead Island and I’m starting to wonder if we’re maybe just getting reviews from the wrong people.