Sexy Zombies on ‘The Walking Dead’ Prequel?

“The tentatively-titled spinoff for The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, debuts this summer, and has already been picked up for a second season…”  

For those of you who think that zombies can’t be sexy, I have four words for you: “Porn of the Dead.” Though, you might want to be really carefully around the um, mouth area, –zombie chicks can still be hot. But I was confused anyway as to what they meant; one rarely sees a “sexy” zombie, –though after Warm Bodies and iZombie, I’m starting to think necrotic limbs, mortification, and advanced gangrenous decomposition can be a pretty good look for some people.

They haven’t really elaborated much on how the zombies are sexy, only that they aren’t like the zombies we’ve seen so far in Georgia. Meanwhile, I’m not sure how to feel that the star of the show, actress Kim Dickens, hasn’t prepared for the role at all. It’s like some lazy, half-assed excuse to be a method actor. She hasn’t seen The Walking Dead, –or read the comics. She hasn’t any experience with the show, but then calls Robert Kirkman a “super cool guy.” Wow. I guess it’s a good thing actors don’t have to be smart; they just have to be really good at pretending to be real people.