Review of Walking Dead’s Last Episode ‘Try’

The show’s focus lurches back to Rick.

Which is where it should stay, honestly, –I get so sick of subplots, and hey, I’m all for feminism, I love the ladies (I am a lady), but the zombie apocalypse in this show, is a man’s world, –I strongly dislike it when The Walking Dead drags focus all over everyone else in the show, and for maybe five minutes, we get to spend some time on Rick. So when Rick’s finally on the main screen, when his issues are finally back in the spotlight, I am the last person to complain.

He might have handled the whole… capital punishment thing a little bit differently, but screw it, this is the Wild Wild Zombie West, and people allowed to roam freely, effing up everything, will do exactly that. Too much backhanded, back stabbing, and being dishonest, –that can lead to bigger screwups. Rick is very much aware of this and probably doesn’t want a repeat of the problems he’s faced in previous settlements. Nip that shit in the bud, keep the criminals… dead. Stay tuned for more Walking Dead info before the finale!