Quiz: Where In “The Walking Dead” Should You Live?

Take this quiz to find out where in “The Walking Dead” you should live! Is it the prison? Terminus? The farm?

This was a lot of fun, although, I think there should have been more answers, like, at one point, you’re asked how a picture of Hershel’s freshly severed limb makes you feel… the choices are “disgusted, hungry, devastated” –my thoughts were, “Eh, my mom used to be a CNA and she’s described, at length, cleaning up after old people who shit everywhere at the drop of a hat… during dinner,” but there’s no choice for “Meh, I’ve seen worse.” I chose disgusted because that’s sort of the closest I could think of… 

I mean, Hershel lived, so I wasn’t devastated, I was devastated when his head got cut off though. Like the original poster, I got Terminus as my result too. I guess that’s fair, I could be convinced to cannibalize people if I was an idiot and didn’t know that eating human flesh causes potentially fatal medical problems… but y’know, okay. Take the quiz by clicking the source link, and post your results!