Pointless, Random Contest: How Long Can You Listen to “The Walking Dead” Theme?

“The Walking Dead” Theme Looped For 10 Hours…

We’ve provided you with this excellent opportunity to test your zombie survival skills; and by that, I mean, how long can you survive listening to The Walking Dead theme looped for 10 hours, before you a) turn into a zombie and eat/viciously rip apart your entire community in a killing spree, –or, b) completely lose your mind and go on a vicious, non-zombie-fied killing spree. Or will you make it through the entire 10 hour loop?

I can do it. I work at home, I study at home, and I live here too, so I got plenty of time to make The Walking Dead theme the soundtrack for my whole day. The rules are: you click play, and listen to it as long as you can, –you can do other stuff, but you have to report your honest length of time in either the source post’s comments, or ours. Oh, and if YouTube craps out, you have to start over. Muahahahaha!