I can’t give writer Paul Gerstenberger or director Steve Barker full credit for this idea, an attraction wherein customers pay to get to hunt zombies. There was a Halloween haunted […]

Zombies Under Ice

As I sit anxiously waiting my “Zombie Nativity” T-shirt to arrive in the mail—which I got for donating to the legal defense fund of the Zombie Nativity owners, Jasen and […]

Zombies and Christmas

This started out as me trying to find some information on those folks who put up the Zombie Nativity Scene for the past couple of years. You probably remember hearing […]

Black Friday Zom-pocalypse

Or I could subtitle this article “Zombies need their quality athletic footwear, too!” They would if they were the fast-running kind of zombies from 28 DAYS LATER or the DAWN […]