Riffin' on Romero?!?!

Have you seen any of the “Rifftrax” special productions in theaters? Me, neither. I don’t know of anyone that has. I think this project had jumped the shark before it […]

Zombies on the Cheap

It doesn’t cost much money at all to make a credible zombie. All you need are a few bucks and a talented makeup applier. This past weekend I was portraying […]

Zombie Figures Montage

It’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping. I know some folks who’ve already FINISHED theirs. If any of you are reading this and find yourselves moved to procure […]


I’m confused. If it’s a cable program, aren’t you allowed to cuss as much as you want? Look at DEADWOOD. They practically invented new cuss words to use. Alternately, DA […]

Zombies Everywhere

I stopped into my local–with “local” being a relative term–Spirit Halloween store this past week. Per usual, the zombie was well represented. My favorite piece was this animatronic zombie that […]

Walkers and Dragons

Season 8. Yeah, you don’t even need me to tell you what show I’m talking about, do you? THE WALKING DEAD returns on Sunday October 22nd. Here are some screenshots […]