Could a zombie apocalypse happen in real life? No. Not if we’re talking about the standard Hollywood zombie, a reanimated corpse in some state of decay with an inexplicable craving […]

Granny Vs. Zombies

If you’re gonna punk somebody, would you choose your own granny as the victim? Maybe this prankster picked her because he knew she wouldn’t sue him afterward? As good a […]

Fast or Slow?

Which type of zombie do you prefer? The quick ones, like you see in the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD or 28 DAYS LATER, or the slow, plodding, shambling […]

Zombie Love

After ratings took a big dip in the aftermath of the seventh season premiere of THE WALKING DEAD, some were predicting the show’s demise. I too joined in this discussion, […]


No. No, it isn’t. But there are some people who’d like for you to think that it is. The store chain Primark (which honestly I’d never heard of) has pulled […]


I never got into the whole moral objection over-slash-righteous indignation directed against GRAND THEFT AUTO. Amoral? Sure. But it’s JUST a game. The same as with Horror movies or anything […]

WORLD WAR Z 2 gets pulled

I am in the minority amongst the Horror faithful in that I really liked WORLD WAR Z, the movie. Yes, it was different from the book. Like, way different. And […]