This one goes along with similar posts I’ve made about how the word “zombie” has entered the popular vernacular. In carnie and wrestling parlance, zombies are so “over” that the […]

THE WALKING DEAD made him do it!

Things definitely took a left turn at Albuquerque. After a marathon viewing of THE WALKING DEAD, 23-year-old New Mexico resident Damon Perry murdered his friend, Christopher Paquin, also 23. The […]

Zombie Rats and Zombie Ants

Nature is amazing. I mean, the specifics of it. It boggles the mind. Over millions of years, the way certain things have evolved, the intricacies of the whole web of […]

Zombie Real Estate?

When a house has been abandoned by its owners but has yet to be grabbed up by the bank and put back on the market, those in the real estate […]