Norman Reedus vs Jimmy Fallon on Facebreakers… with a Crossbow

“On Friday night’s Tonight Show, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus played a game of Facebreakers…”

Who knew how good ol’ Norman Reedus actually could be with a real crossbow? And as in “real” I mean… er, a crossbow that shoots darts at a glass wall. But realistically, I mean, he has used one a fair amount of the time, so it’s logical that he has an edge over Jimmy Fallon, and so yes, inevitably, Norman Reedus won, and as an added bonus, got to shoot out the big water balloon hanging over Fallon’s head. 

Which didn’t work, but Reedus didn’t let that stop him. Since he’s a big cheater, he ran up, smashed the balloon, and drenched Fallon anyway. I sure hope he has one of the new waterproof Android cell phones. Not that it really matters. He can afford to replace a phone. I can’t wait for the end of this season of The Walking Dead so I can binge-watch it. Yum.