Norman Reedus Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’? Dear God, NOOO!

“Say it ain’t so! Fans are freaking out that longtime favorite ‘The Walking Dead’ star, Norman Reedus, is leaving the zombie-tastic series! Please say this isn’t for real!”

Norman Reedus is super hot, and has this sort of timeless face and voice, that suggests he’s a lot younger than he actually is (46!) and plus, he’s a frickin’ badass. And not just when he’s playing the zombie killing, smackdown machine Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead –he has already proven that he can shoot a crossbow irl, or at least aim a hell of a lot better than Jimmy Kimmel, and you know, he has a gorgeous body, as he’s shown all of us salivating female fans in Flaunt magazine. Plus, he supports womens’ rights movements, and says himself that he grew up with strong females at home.

So yeah, when we found out he was selling his house in Atlanta, we’re all like, “Holy shit, srsly?!” because… he’s one of the few characters from the first season still on the show, and we’re attached to him, dang it! But, if Kirkman has taught us anything, sigh, it’s that he’ll kill off anyone, at any time, –in the show or in the comic books, whenever he feels like it… Rotten nazi bastard that he is. Don’t kill Daryl!