Norman Reedus Kills a Weed Zombie on Saturday Night Live

On tonight’s Saturday Night Live, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus made a surprise guest […]

I love this sketch; you can check out the full clip on the source page… but anyone who’s been to Taco Bell at about 1:45 in the morning, and stared at the bright, bright lights of the menu until they’re partially blind… totally knows what I’m talking about. Which is…. getting incredibly stoned and going outside the house. The best food when you’re high, is Taco Bell: so here we are, stumbling down the street, pale, bloodshot, shadowy eyes, and the stench on you …you know the smell. Skunk. 

Anyway, assume there is also a zombie apocalypse happening at the same time: dude. You’re screwed. Not only are you completely unable to run, but you’re also really paranoid, and surrounded by people who don’t trust slow moving, glassy-eyed people who reek. Chances are, you’re totally going to get shot by Norman Reedus: my advice is that you’re constantly waving your arms and singing your ABCs, just to make people aware that you’re alive.