‘Night of the Comet’ Doesn’t Suck: Give The Valley a Chance!

‘Night of the Comet’ is the So-Cal ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Okay so, firstly, don’t get upset, but this movie cannot be seen readily on Netflix, –I dunno about Amazon though, so you might try there. It is on YouTube though, and since it’s an older movie, I doubt the YouTube people are that concerned about it. Thank you, so much, to illegal YouTube uploaders… you guys are great. Anyway, I love this image above; we have a trashed street, a young woman who looks like she’s had a long night, and a huge mess in what appears to be E.T.’s neighborhood.

The synopsis is pretty one-dimensional; a comet that only shows up every 65 million years passes by the earth, turning a fair amount of people into zombies. And said comet was also responsible for killing off dinosaurs, so hey, zombie dinosaurs… that sounds too awesome for words. The Valley is where the movie is set, so a lot of mall addicts and fashionistas are running around, squealing and getting eaten, while some of the more survival-minded mall girls are turning the tables and fighting them off with guns and whatever else is handy. Check it out, –you won’t be disappointed, –you can watch it on YouTube or wait for it to come back to Netflix!