Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys is Going to Direct Zombie Movie “Dead West”!

“The Asylum has been known to give former and forgotten stars the chance to shine (in a fashion)…”  

Nick Carter was always my favorite backstreet boy, –my second favorite was Kevin, –because he was so grown-up and pirate-y looking. Anyway, The Asylum is giving Nick Carter the biggest break he’s had in probably quite a while; he’ll be directing the zombie movie “Dead West” which is about a classic bank robbery in the old west… gone horribly wrong. 

Remember, this is the same studio that gave us Sharknado so don’t expect anyone to win any Academy Awards for their performance. But also remember, the very awesome zombie show, Z Nation, is also produced by The Asylum, –so Nick Carter and The Asylum might surprize us in a big way. I’ve got quite a lot of hope invested in the film, so let’s just try to be optimistic, for my poor sake, please?