New Zombie Thriller ‘Untot’, Starring Hayden Christensen!

Hayden Christensen plays a military leader in World War II, whose squad must battle the walking dead in the zombie thriller ‘Untot’.

I think about the title of the movie Untot and maybe, in my mind, I’m not pronouncing it right, because basically brings to mind the mental images of Algebra models floating out of my head and disappearing into the ether while I’m under Nazi hypnosis… or something. 

But anyway, the movie is actually set during WW II, and a military unit is forced to battle the undead in the middle of bitter, cruel Eastern European winter, –not to mention, it’s already awkward what with it being a super secret Nazi infiltration mission. By the way, language lesson of the day: “untot” means undead, in German, –so maybe the o is long?