New Zombie Shooter Game From Madfinger: ‘Unkilled’

Considering that the outfit almost exclusively puts out zombie games, it’s not at all surprising that Madfinger has come out with a zombie shooter as its…

Take a walk through lovely New York, after a deadly epidemic kick the zombie apocalypse into high gear, and now suddenly, everybody has to run, ride, and aim for the head. The visuals and graphics in the game are pretty nice, –it’s not Dragon Age, or Skyrim, but it is well illustrated. Alas, the story is not really interesting, it’s standard “kill all the zombies” shooting, bang bang, brain fodder.


The visuals kind of remind me of Telltale games, like The Walking Dead games, —and the more recent (I think) game out, is The Wolf Among Us.  I think the idea of supernatural men and women hanging around is pretty cool, and as thrilling as all that is… you’re just going to have to watch the big trailer when it comes out later. Enjoy, be sure to let know  if you hated it.