New Review! Wyrmwood: Road of the Damned

This energetic bloodbath directed by a pair of Aussie siblings is light on logic but loaded with plenty of schlocky thrills

Logic isn’t necessarily a big requirement for zombie movies, although, I do like the medical spin put on zombie movies like 28 Days Later–though, I don’t know if that counts as a zombie movie as much as it is a pandemic-infusion-with-fast-zombie-mutants. Either way, it was awesome. They’re basically saying, the genesis of the zombie-apocalypse isn’t a focal point of the film.

The funding on this movie was also very lean, –which is why it took four years to make, and most of the money came from the Australian government. So far though, no one has had anything but great comments about the movie, –so maybe its returns will be worth the long wait, and the years of dedication that went into the project. We hope so. Anyone else seen it yet?