New ‘Maggie’ (2015) Sneak Peek Video: “What If I Hurt You?”

“Directed by Henry Hobson, the story follows Arnold Schwarzenegger setting out to protect his infected daughter (Abigail Breslin) when a zombie epidemic is threatening the world.”

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, –he’s great in like, everything, and some of my earliest movie memories are of Arnold as the Terminator, saving teenage boys and crazy moms, –I saw the sequel before I saw the original, and always thought it was totally cool how Linda Hamilton was in both movies, one as this really sweet waitress type, and in the sequel as a really cranky, super-driven sorta psychopath. She had her reasons of course. Anyway, Arnold plays a concerned father, taking care of his zombie daughter… or soon to be zombie daughter.

The clip takes place in the film, after Arnold-Dad has tracked down his daughter, portrayed by Abigail Breslin. She’s basically telling him that she’s concerned that once she changes and turns into a flesh-hungry zombie, she’ll hurt the rest of her family. Arnold tells her he promised her mother, that he’d take care of her, and Abigail’s character tells him he shouldn’t have brought her back. And that’s about it. I can’t tell if it’s foreshadowing or not, I mean, we’re talking a one minute clip here, but I’m still really excited to see the movie. All we can do is wait. La.