Nathan Fillion Writes a Love Letter For ‘The Walking Dead’

With The Walking Dead shattering ratings left and right, it should come as no surprise that geek god Nathan Fillion counts himself among the fans…

I love Nathan Fillion, the man is gorgeous, whether he’s the captain of a starship… or the captain of, um, a hammer… he’s brilliant, funny, and I suspect he’s a decent guy. And unsurprisingly, expresses himself really well. In the source article, he overflows with epistolary praise for The Walking Dead but doesn’t -just- focus on the story and cast, –he makes sure to include the rest of the people whose hard work went into making the show possible. So he sat down and wrote a nice long note for Entertainment Weekly. 

I think the sweetest part of the letter is when Fillion describes turning the airing of each new episode into an event; inviting people over, preparing snacks and drinks, –and bringing people who have never seen the show into it as well. And then the show comes on and there’s magic, and “silence” –I wish I could be one of those nice quiet people, but the truth is… I like to talk through a show or movie sometimes… it’s a bad habit, but luckily, I live with a couple really smart people who indulge me. Read Nathan Fillion’s love letter, click the source link.