NASCAR Racer Stanton Barrett Brings Us: ‘Navy SEALS vs. Zombies’

“If there ever was a zombie threat in the real world I would think our best chance of fighting them…”

I think, as a general rule, more race car drivers should make movies. I mean, we put rappers and musicians in movies, and in TV shows, and wrestlers, –like the Rock, John Cena, etc., they all end up in movies, and making movies. Even football players end up in movies! So why do we hardly ever seen our beloved NASCAR drivers, –and I think it’s time to face facts: racing is cool, and F*ck all those people who say it isn’t. Pretty much all my cousins, and uncles, and my grampa raced cars, and it’s not something for idiots… you have to know cars pretty well, since they pretty much built their own from scratch.

Anyway, let’s not get carried away, –it’s just really cool to me. Navy SEALS vs Zombies sounds awesome, and you know, if anyone can handle the zombie apocalypse, it’d be Navy SEALS. I bet Demi Moore could take down a shitload of zombies. Anchor Bay is the studio releasing the film, so it won’t suck too bad, and it has actors that have actually been in other shit. So yeah, I’m actually going to see this one!