More Details on ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

AMC orders an additional six-episode season for the spinoff series ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ after the teaser, revealing a pre-virus origins story, is released.

Neato, right? Basically, AMC saw how people responded to the trailer, and how the net is basically going wild for the new series, –before it’s even aired, and they were like, “shit, let’s add another season to that,” –so now we can count on two six-episode seasons. I mean, personally, I wish the seasons were a bit longer.. six episodes, imo, isn’t really long enough to tell as much of the story as I want to hear, especially since it’s legitimately an origin story of the virus, AND there are no spoilers, –what happens in the comic book doesn’t cover what happens in this series.

I think perhaps the most interesting aspect of this series is that it happens in an urban area, –which is, according to all the zombie outbreak researchers, the worst possible place to be during a zombie epidemic, –so watching this show is probably going to be like, an emotional rollercoaster… except the roller coaster only goes in one direction (down), and its tracks are littered with dead bodies.