Marvel Announces “Zombies” Series!

“The zombies rise again in the new Marvel Zombies Battleworld series…” 

This is one sexy cover, and not just because of the armor-plated boobs, and metal-cast crotch of Elsa Bloodstone, –the Marvel monster-slayer (basically Buffy but with more toys and less legendary mumbo jumbo). Her mission? Defend the Shield (not the organization) which is the wall surrounding Battleworld, keeping zombies out, and the city… er, relatively more safe. 

And although this job sounds like, really boring and routine, it becomes more involved when Elsa sees a living boy on the other side of the wall, and attempts to rescue him. But the zombies aren’t the whole story, –they’re just part of the main issue facing Elsa: getting off Battleworld, and back on a planet with slightly more sanity. The source article says the series will start in Juen, –which I guess means “June”, so we have to wait a little while yet, but… hang in there, we’ll keep you posted!