Looks Like Its Not Safe To Attend Comic Con As A Zombie

A deaf family runs over Comic Con goers after getting spooked by zombie costumes.

Some zombie fans decided to dress as some of their faves to attend the Comic Convention this year, and while walking with the crowd, a car became impatient with the length of the stop and starts beeping. A few of the crowd decided to get a little impatient themselves with the car’s occupants. One man punched out their windshield, and another person opens the car’s passenger door.  The car was carrying a deaf family with small children,the driver took his foot off the brake and got out of the violence. No one was killed in the incident although this could have been easily prevented with traffic lights and some police presence.  All I can say is… it’s good thing California doesn’t have stand your ground laws or this would have turned out much different.  Did you make it to Comic Con this year?