Kevin Smith, Ross Marquand & Mystery Guest on Talking Dead

After tonight’s “Forget” episode of The Walking Dead, there is an hour long Talking Dead. […]

I always enjoyed Talking Dead after every episode of Walking Dead. There’s been some really good guests so far, like Marilyn Manson. This week Kevin Smith of Comic Book Men was a special guest along with Ross Marquand and another special mystery guest. 

The mystery guess is a cast member who made her debut this season, Alexandra Breckenridge. She plays Jessie on the show. Be sure to check out this episode, “Forget” if you haven’t seen it yet. Usually the mystery guests on Talking Dead are characters that have been killed off or are about to be. So this is a rare treat, not to mention she’s Rick’s new love interest on the show. Is he ready for romance? Is anybody ready for romance during a zombie apocalypse? It’s not exactly like they still celebrate Valentine’s Day and shit like that. Good luck, Rick. Hope this one doesn’t get eaten by a zombie.