Jeremy Sisto’s Character on ‘The Returned’ is Insane… But in a Unique Kind of Way

The A&E star dishes on the undead’s hearty appetite on the latest episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars”

So here’s something a little more out of the box for zombie fans. Jeremy Sisto who stars in The Returned dishes on some questions that fans have raised since the show’s beginning. TheWrap had a chance to sit down with Sisto and go over some questions with him regarding the series and where it’s heading from where it is now. 

In a nutshell, dead people are coming back to life and they’re all eating like ethiopians with coupons for McDonald’s. Sisto’s character in the show is a grief psychologist helping people with dealing with their personal losses. I wonder how well that works out when people are rising from the dead and kinda screwing up your whole psycho groove.