“iZombie” The Zombified Veronica Mars/Buffy/Neo/Psych

Let’s take a look at iZombie’s family tree.

The cool thing about iZombie, is exactly what this guy who wrote the source article said: iZombie is basically a bunch of pop culture, put into a blender, and poured into your TV. That said, to me, the show seems like a lot of fun, but is it really original? No, not even close; they’re really working Warm Bodies brain-eating theories to the core. And as the author points out, there’s some very Matrix-esque moments, when our main character absorbs traits and skills from the brains she’s eaten.

There’s also a parallel to Weeds –because zombie Blaine sets up a business turning people into zombies, and then selling them brains. Brains are like, zombie-weed, except not really, but the idea is fairly similar. The similarity to psych comes in because in order to cover her brain eating murder-solving visions, she pretends to be psychic, and luckily enough, finds a law enforcement official who believes her… or at least, take her advice. Check out the rest of the branches on this “family tree” in the source!