Is There a Conspiracy to Kill Off Black Male Characters on ‘The Walking Dead’?

If you’ve been a devoted watcher of “The Walking Dead” (like me), then you may have noticed something very troubling this season.”  

I don’t know; the author of the article made a really good point. The producer, Gale Ann Hurd, says that there’s no conspiracy to kill off the black actors, –or the black male characters, I should say, since it’s not like they’re shooting them once their roles are over. The only reason they’re getting killed off, apparently, is because the comic book canon dictates that they die… but wait. I have a question, and so does the author of the piece, Sergio:

If the comic book’s storyline is so important with regard to the deaths of black males, why isn’t it more important with the deaths of major villains, like the Governor? His death was nothing like it was depicted in the TV series. And plenty of other changes have been made in the show, such as the character Carol still being alive, despite being killed off in the comic book before the Governor launched his “tank attack” on the prison. Not to mention Judith, the baby still being alive after the Woodbury debacle. There are a lot of inconsistencies in the producer’s argument, –I think we might need a better response from them if they want to be taken seriously.