Is ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Star Tyler Williams On Season 5 Of ‘Walking Dead’

the majority of our survivors ended last season trapped in a Terminus train car, but it’s only a matter of time before they …

This seems to be the major mystery surrounding the show at the moment, since he has been spotted on set shooting scenes with fan favorite Norman Reedus. It would definitely be a huge twist in Tyler William’s career to become zombie food, but he is a very talented actor with tons to offer other than just his “BRAINS” to sustain the zombie population.  Will he play a good guy or bad? Will he be on the show for more than a handful of episodes? Will he play a character pulled from the comic pages, or the writer’s new creation?

It seems ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 will be filled with many more twists than we previously knew. Who is excited about the upcoming season of our favorite survivalist show?