Interview with the owners of the Zombie Nativity

I recently had the chance to chat with Jasen Dixon, proprietor of the controversial “Zombie Nativity” you’ve heard about at Christmastime the past few years. Here’s a brief transcript of the interview:

CHEEZMAN: Let’s address this one first, as we’re all familiar with the accusations: Is the Zombie Nativity scene intended as a dig at Christmas? At Christianity?

DIXON: The Zombie Nativity scene was never intended to infuriate Christians. We have children in Catholic school. At first it was a publicity stunt for my haunted house “13 Rooms of Doom.” Now we’ve created a Youtube account and we do funny videos and post everything Zombie Nativity-related. Check it out at “zombie nativity scene.”

CHEEZMAN: How did the Zombie Nativity scene come about? Where did the idea of creating it come from?

DIXON: Basically we love Christmas and I have always had a fascination with zombies/manger scenes. I love them both. No one has ever incorporated them together until us.

CHEEZMAN: Is it safe to say that you’re big zombie fans? What’s your opinion on George Romero? THE WALKING DEAD?

DIXON: [I Love] George Romero…as a kid I loved the gray /green zombies…I grew up with DAWN OF THE DEAD, EVIL DEAD, and loved RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. We are huge THE WALKING DEAD fans as well. I would love to get a guest role as a zombie.

CHEEZMAN: Tell us about the fundraiser. I’ve donated twenty bucks to get the official Zombie Nativity T-shirt! How can other zombie fans help out?

DIXON: It’s available at

CHEEZMAN: Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the haters out there? Or anything you’d like the public to know?

DIXON: I am still trying to pay off $5000 worth of attorney fees from 2015. But we will figure that out. I would like to get our Youtube name out there and have people subscribe; that would be great. It’s cheap entertainment! Look up “zombie nativity scene,” and please like us on Facebook!