Interactive Zombie Maps Shows the Speed of Infection

“Welcome to Zombietown USA…”  

In just a few days, my city would be completely overrun with zombies; in a week, my whole state would be red… and that’s if zombies can only walk a mile in 30 minutes. To be fair though, zombies are slow as hell, so I might be giving them too much credit. On the other hand, some zombies can run, as previously seen on various movies. Seriously, in like a 28 Days Later scenario, we’d be screwed. 

I had a lot of really morbid fun with this, fiddling with the controls, and seeing how long it takes Kansas City to basically become a city of nightmares, as opposed to the City of Fountains… I’m going to sit here and see if zombies spread any faster based on what part of the country we put them in first. The Eastern portion of the country basically faces certain death in the event of a zombie pandemic.