‘In The Flesh’ is Not Returning: Another Zombie Show Cancelled

In The Flesh was a rare creature that will be sorely missed. Now that it’s been cancelled, will Amazon or Netflix come to its rescue?

Fans of the show are campaigning Amazon, Netflix, and probably that alien monster-organization known as “Hulu” –to keep the show going, especially since there is obviously a lot more to tell. But just because a bunch of people want to see it, doesn’t necessarily mean that -enough- people want to keep it on the air to make it profitable for any of those companies to pick it up and keep filming it, and distributing it. 

The show featured a young zombie, Kieren Walker, a suffer of “PDS” –Partially Deceased Syndrome; think of that movie The Returned. The lucky people corralled by the military and government were given a cure that could bring them back from zombie-ness, and the government assists further by providing contacts and more doses of the medication that keeps them from eating people… and yeah, they’re totally taking this away from us. Way sad.