If You Think ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic is Boring, It’s Because You’re An Idiot

“The Walking Dead comic-book series has been around for more than ten years. Is it lurching around like one of its zombies?”

The answer is still no; if you think the comic has gotten boring, then that’s because you’re a moron, and probably have attention span issues. The comic hasn’t gotten boring; they’re developing and rebuilding a storyline to get a big climactic thing going. Again. And if you can’t be patient and read through the “calm before the storm” parts of the story, then sorry, but that’s not the writer’s fault, it’s yours.

The source article has spoiler panels in, so you’ve been warned, –take a look at “the Whisperers” –a faction of bizarre individuals who walk among the horde wearing rotted zombie flesh. There’s going to be trouble, and it’s going to mean a lot of dead people, –walkers, Whisperers, and Rick’s people too. Other issues are starting coalesce into major conflicts as well in the story; such as Carl fighting with other teenagers, and violence among the settlers inside their own communities. So be patient, and read on.