If Claude Monet Had Painted Zombies…

“George Pfau has created a set of Impressionist-style paintings of scenes from iconic zombie cinema…”

Okay guys, true story: one of my favorite childhood pets, of all time, was this little brown mouse, that ‘Santa’ brought me one year for Christmas. I named him Claude Monet, since at 10 years old, I was a big fan of French impressionism. True story. Anyway, 18 years later, my Claude is in mouse-heaven, and there’s a new impressionist painter on the scene: George Pfau.

Now, if you recognize the scene above, that’s because it’s the prison yard from one of the more recent seasons of The Walking Dead. There are also scenes painted from Romero’s Day of the Dead and his other classics, as well as the zombie-nazi movie, Dead Snow, and a bunch more. But! I’m not telling anything else: Google George Pfau, and find out more about the artist. He would want the publicity.