Humans vs. Zombies Game Pending Approval at Auburn University

“Auburn University quarantined a zombie infestation in the 2013-14 academic year…”

School is tough; it’s even tougher when college administration seems to work extra hard to make life unnecessarily difficult for students. To be fair though, the Humans vs. Zombies game at Auburn University can get a little out of hand; Nerf guns get repainted to look more like weapons, modified to shoot harder and faster, landscaping gets destroyed, people lurk in bushes resulting in calls to the police, and increased vehicle traffic areas end up with students running around in them. 

So, in an incredibly cool move, the local college library, the Ralph Brown Draughon Library, has stepped up to offer up space for people to play in, –but it’s limited to 300 participants. It’s a bit smaller than what it would be if the event was campus-wide, but it’s a little safer, indoors, and keeps things contained. It also generates a buzz and some publicity for the library too, and encourages people to spend more time doing other stuff in the library… like studying.