How to Build a Zombie, With Gore Genius Abi Gordon-Cody

Abi Gordon Cody is a make up artist who specialises in the rotting flash & bloody carnage of horror & zombies!

So check this out guys, there’s a little lady in the UK with a serious skill for make-up. Seriously, I went through the whole gallery and was thoroughly impressed. Be warned however because she’s not doing Darth Maul or Spider-Man faces so if you’re squeamish, proceed with caution.

Abi Gordon-Cody, the mastermind behind these great works goes all out in this interview about her skills and where she plans to go in her already impressive career. If you’ve ever wondered what severed wrists and ear lobes looked like but could never find the right kitchen knife or good Bobby Flay recipe for blended human flesh, check out this article….and keep a barf bag with you just in case.