Here Come the Zombies: Black Ops III and Wolfenstein for PS4

THE Express brings you the week’s most interesting PS4 news, including Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Destiny and Bethesda’s Nazi Zombie comeback.

I wasn’t that surprised to hear about either zombie-infused titles, honestly. Zombies are the big thing, –what I would be surprised over is if the Black Ops franchise were to release a strictly zombie title, –that would be awesome, an entire campaign dedicated to non-stop zombie action. And I mean, why wouldn’t they anyway? A lot of Black-Ops II fans played out the main campaign, they played out the repetitive raids, and then played the zombie raids, which is what they keep coming back for. Now another Black Ops is being released, with a zombie mode, of course, but again, only as an afterthought or a second option. Seems like a Black Ops zombie title is overdue.

The next big zombie title is Bethesda’s Wolfenstein release. Nazi zombies don’t do much for me, but on the other hand, Bethesda has  never let me down. I’ve got brand loyalty when it comes to games, and I’d try it… but I probably won’t buy it new. I don’t generally buy games new. Too expensive, and way too much of an investment for something I could end up hating. Which zombie title are you looking forward to more?