Great Mix of Zombie Apocalypse Music

“…put this together to spice up my DayZ experience…”

I love this; I actually bookmarked it to listen to again, I’m still listening to it now; I love the quiet desolation and the sounds of what is basically, the end of the world. There are tracks from about a million different entries in the Zombie-pocalypse genre, –films and games alike. What’s crazy, is how calm most of the music sounds, –it would be great to work or sleep to, –though to be fair, you might have nightmares.

Give it a chance, bookmark it, throw it on while you surf or read, –there aren’t a lot of vocals so far. Most of the tracks are relaxing. I love it, –kinda makes me want to curl up on the couch and pass out.When you breakdown and finally check this out, let us know what you thought about the playlist!