Gore, Zombies, Rampant Explicit Violence: But a Gay Kiss Causes Outrage on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Even in the liberal climate we live in these days, people still got very mad over a gay kiss ‘The Walking Dead’ aired in Sunday’s episode.

So… of all the things on The Walking Dead that could cause potential outrage, two gay men kissing was what got the masses of angry redneck douchebags riled up. I’m not surprised: the show is simple, –lots of fighting, zombies, excitement, violence, killing stuff, all “grr, argh” –it’s not exactly a complex drama, full of complicated plot developments and mysterious twists and turns. 

It’s a great show, don’t get me wrong, but not everyone who watches it is intelligent or particularly bright. Lots of conservative wingnuts, –it makes sense, considering the show is about zombies and people with guns. It just makes the show more popular. Rock on, haters.