Google Hangout with Cast of ‘The Walking Dead’! Woot!

“The cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be conducting a Google Hangout on Tuesday, February 3…”

The whole cast is going to be hanging out on… well, Google Hangouts, and will be answering fan questions, likely in the billions, but narrowed down to a few hundred, at the most. To get in, you’ll have to click through to the source link for this article, and click on the link for the survey. 

That means you better get a move on, since it’s tomorrow, and it starts at noon eastern time. That’s eastern like, Florida, or New York. Not like, China. Don’t get confused. Oh, and to keep up, you have to be connected to Ethernet for the Hangout, you can’t use WiFi, -and- you have to use the same computer for the Hangout that you use for the survey. Those are the details, good luck!