For Sale: A Chunk of Small-Town Georgia Where ‘The Walking Dead’ Was Filmed

A Georgia businessman is hoping the popularity “Walking Dead” can breathe some life into a small town that has seen better days.

Right now the only thing keeping this derelict, broken-down town afloat? Tourists fans of The Walking Dead. Right now the town has just about reached zombie status as well, with a population of approximately 3,000. There are nine buildings total, for sale right now on EBay, –so if we’ve got any billionaire readers, obsessed with The Walking Dead –this is your cue to step in, help save a local economy, and install something useful in the historic downtown of a little town called “Grantville.”

When the recession hit, the buildings were foreclosed on, and then later purchased by the mayor, Jim Sells, who apparently, had no idea what to do with the buildings or land, and so… now he’s selling them on eBay. Good luck, Jim, you’re gonna need it.