First Look Video For New CW Series ‘iZombie’

Horror TV Shows. iZombie Is Creepy And Funny. Take A First Look! See video!

Mm, brains, chopsticks, ramen noodles, hot sauce. Not only is she a zombie, she’s a poor, pretentious hipster zombie! So, basically, this is like, Warm Bodies except taking the potential beyond romance. Remember how, “R” can read memories and relive experiences by eating brains? So can Liv, –except she doesn’t use her newfound “gift” to get into some guy’s pants, –she uses it to solve crimes and such. See how she seems to be in a morgue?

It looks like a lot of fun, even for hardcore zombie fans, –and hey, the premier is coming really soon, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether you like it. Good luck, and let us know what you think, after you watch the premier on March 17th!