First Images & Gameplay Details for ‘The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land’ Mobile Game

When asked about his team’s creative collaboration with AMC on a new The Walking Dead video game, developer Next Games’ Kalle Kaivola chuckles…

Now I know it’s not what we asked for before… another Walking Dead shooter, –just something that doesn’t suck so much we want to toss our flat screens out the window. This isn’t a full-service RPG, but that’s okay, we know someone is going to make one eventually, and hey, if they don’t, then we have the other craptastic shooter… and we have this little gem; I love mobile games anyway. You know what else is a mobile game that completely rocks the zombie-pox? Frickin’ Plants vs. Zombies. 

Anywho, the game is going to be free-to-play, –instantly awesome, always. The idea is to build a group of survivors, and of course you get to kill zombies, but then there’s finding shelter, collecting food, tools, and making sure your group doesn’t pussy out or die when the first zombie horde comes a’knockin’. You train your survivors, and the ones that don’t function productively are sent on their way… plus, you know, people can be eaten by zombies too. iOS version premiers first, followed by the Android version shortly after.