Finally, a Good Review for ‘Dying Light’!

“…after the brief introduction and tutorial, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire — and by fire, I mean hordes of zombies.” 

I hate how everyone is poking so hard at Dying Light, –when clearly, if it’s bumped GTA V  off the top selling list on the PSN, a lot of people like it. People are hating hardcore o zombie games because they thought Dead Island was a crappy addition to the genre of zombie games.

Sorry dudes, I love zombie games, so just back off. Dead Island is great, so are the various Resident Evil releases, –especially once they figured out how to make it so that you can shoot and walk at the same time. The Last of Us got on my nerves because such a small amount of the area is really playable, –it’s very scripted and controlled, whereas Dying Light has more explorable areas, explorable building, and hordes of enemies: human and zombie.