Fighting Over ‘Bart the Zombie Cat’ Continues

The fight over Bart, the zombie cat rages on.

The fat, disgusting redneck woman who films her own dying cats, and is currently running a fraudulent campaign on GoFundMe, steps forward to say that “Such a beautiful story and an amazing story has turned into evil and greed. Parties have been hurt, people have been hurt, people have been torn apart because of it.” Yeah, except the story of abused, neglected animals that don’t receive medical treatment, because they’re being cared for by freaks and greedy malevolent assholes, is anything but beautiful. 

Watch as “Dusty” the concerned neighbor, poses one dying cat next to another giving birth; one cat convulses, and the other is about to have kittens: Then she later claims the same cat came back to life:  Sound familiar? So will this:  Oh, isn’t that Bart? Wonder why they’re calling him Markie? Isn’t it a bit odd that they’re claiming he’s been dead for five days after being attacked by a pitt bull? This sick, disturbing behavior should be reported, has been reported, multiple times, and no one is doing anything about it. Lend a voice here: