‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Might Not Answer The Biggest Questions About ‘The Walking Dead’

Sorry. It’s not a priority for “The Walking Dead’s” spinoff to explain where the zombies/walkers came from. Even though we’re dying to know!

Sometimes you need to make the hard decision, and sometimes that hard decision is breaking bad news to the hopeful. I have no problem taking this burden on and I’m the type of person that handle it, I’m like Batman that way. 

For people looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead, I hope the journey is more important than the destination because according to Robert Kirkman, producer of the TV series and writer of the graphic novel, the show will not be explaining how the outbreak started nor is it a prequel that ends with the main series beginning. Things are unclear at this point what the main destination the show is supposed to take but it does take place far away from our fan-favorite survivors and showing us how the outbreak is going on the West Coast. Good ol’ Bobby Kirkman is keeping mum at this point what caused the outbreak and if we’re patient, he just might deliver. Here’s hoping we’re not waiting until he’s in 60s and people constantly ask him if he’s worried he’s gonna die before he finished the story….like another author I can think of…