‘Dying Light’ Review: Dead on Arrival?

It’s gory as all get out and pretty intense, but you’ll probably forget all that round about the 50th time you plunge to your death from a bad jump

Yup, and that’s the big problem: I can’t play a game in which movement and going from roof to roof is such a huge issue. That’s the same problem I had with all the Batman games, and I never played Assassin’s Creed either, for the exact same reason: the mechanics of movement are ridiculous and all that flipping and swinging around makes me wanna barf. 

So you can imagine my disappointment in seeing that one of the biggest games of the year, is a flop. At least for me: not only is it one of those games in which you’re doing a lot of running and jumping, but unfortunately, the parkour is not good. Jumps are often bad, you can’t find purchase that seems like it should be there; but this might just be frustration speaking. Who knows, this guy just might suck, and maybe we’ll like it better? But games aren’t like movies, and unfortunately, when it’s a problem with the mechanics of moving around, then it’s usually a big one. Sorry guys. 

source: business.financialpost.com