Does the Pentagon Really Have a Plan for Zombies?

“If the Zombie apocalypse does hit, you’ll be safest up in the mountains in Montana, or perhaps the Nevada desert, physics students tell us…”  

The worst place to be? Northeastern Pennsylvania, –which makes sense, since it’s the next logical step for zombies once they’ve overrun the densely populated New England region; they’ll spread south and west; the best places to be are mountainous regions, –I have suggested the cold because chances are, movement in super cold environment among those technically dead, will be extremely difficult. 

The estimated spread of the disease is interesting, because they have to approximate how many people will turn vs. how many people will die, and it’s not like a disease in which people will heal themselves, or get better. Zombies don’t get better, they multiply and kill, and must be killed by humans to nullify the threat. One bit on the source that’s really cool? The video detailing the report that the Pentagon has a plan for a potential zombie outbreak. Good. Zombies are serious, so we need to be prepared.