Disease Researchers Determine Strategies For Surviving Zombie Apocalypse

“Think that you’ve got what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Well you may be right….”  

The idea here is that zombies, or a viral pandemic that turns people into zombies, will spread much like any other very serious virus; in the densely populated urban areas first, and then spread outwardly. In fact, they recommend moving to sparsely populated areas, mountainous regions such as the northern Rocky Mountains. I have to admit, I’ve thought about the sense of moving somewhere like Alaska or Canada, in the colder parts, because hey, I have a functioning brain and can survive in the wilderness, but… zombies are dead, and they get cold and can’t really… do much for themselves if they freeze.

The general consensus is, and always has been, that the people who live in the city are destined to bite the dust first. Especially if the zombies are fast. I’m in the suburbs of a major city, so I’ve probably got a 50% chance of making it out of here, assuming the zombies are slow. I live on the top floor too. If the zombies are fast… I’d say maybe a 30% chance. What are your odds?