DC Comic’s ‘iZombie’ Coming to CW: First Look Trailer

“From Rob Thomas and DC Comics, iZombie is coming to The CW Tuesday, March 17! SUBSCRIBE to The CW…”

Omg! This looks totally cool… And attractive zombies? Who knew? The only drawback I can see is in the attempt to make zombies hot… and not like zombie pinups, but more like vampires are made hot on VD. These zombies are pretty clean and haven’t done too much in the way of deterioration.

On the flip side, the hot thing is new and exciting, and there is a hot man zombie entering the picture at some point… oh and crazy, right, –the zombie-thing isn’t because there’s an epidemic, the zombies in this show are few and far between… So far. It’s going to to be cool, and I can’t wait to watch!